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Ah, Pinterest. What to do about Pinterest? At first, I was intrigued by the slick interface and ease of use and began tentatively trying it out to see whether it would be a fun way to share inspiring imagery. Then, I took a closer look at their terms of service and as you may have read in my March 19th post on SciAm's Symbiartic, I was a little alarmed. Other artists, including my co-blogger Glendon Mellow, also sounded the alarms and even the HuffPo picked up on it. To Pinterest's credit, they responded in short order with a revision to their terms of service, effective April 6th, 2012. I am currently mulling over the changes and may yet reinstate my pin boards. Thanks for all your help spreading the word and drawing attention to this important issue for creatives. More on their new TOS soon!